The Thrills 'KITE CLUB'

First rule of 'KITE CLUB'... have fun! :D

The Kitethrills Kite Club has been designed for those wanting to learn or progress in kitesurfing quickly, but not wanting to outlay thousands of dollars for new gear and lessons.

For experienced riders it's a season long social membership, with exclusive offers, and an encouraging group for your family, partner or good mates wishing to learn.

A beginner membership includes all the lessons you need, and all the gear hire you require, over either a full time plan for 1 month, or a part time plan for 3 months.

• For beginners ($990) - We tailor your own unique lesson plan, at a pace that suits you. We find your ideal kite setup for the conditions, and help you with all aspects of becoming an independent rider.

• Some Experience ($390) - Know how to fly, but not 100% confident to go out on your own? We will continue to support you until you are confident. You can use the right kite for the conditions so you have more fun and better progression, Our team will be in the vicinity and able to help you as needed.  You get to test a range of gear to make a better buying decision when the time comes.

• Know how to ride - So you can kite ok, but still would like to have an instructor watch over you and provide feedback and tips to more advanced techniques, and you want to try out lots of different gear and brands to find a setup that suits you.

No matter what level your kiting is at, a Kite Club membership will help you become a better rider, and gain experience on many different brands and setups.

And most of all Kite Club will be FUN!
BBQ's & social events, downwinders, and DISCOUNTS on new gear and our Kite Travel Trips.